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Artist: Evgeny Berezikov

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The Artist's Biography

1935 Was born in the lodge of the forestry officer located at Borokovka village of Tomsk region of Siberia.

1941 His parents moved to Ukraine. At the days of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 his family was evacuated to Kazakhstan.

1948 His family moved to Uzbekistan. He works as part-time worker at village and after as the worker of the textile factory in Tashkent. .

19541957 Military service as the tank mechanic and driver at the Army of the Soviet Union.

19571959 The operator of the excavator at the plant in Tashkent. Study at the evening school.

19591966 The student of the militia (police) school. After graduation got the diploma of the lawyer and rank of the officer. For several years he worked at the criminal department of militia.

1966 Graduated from the Academy of the Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union.

19661970 Was the Komsomol (Young Communist Organization in the Soviet Union) activist.

1971 His first novel I made the choice was published in Tashkent.

19701972 Student of the High Party School of the Central Comity of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

19721974 The student of the post graduation, defending of the degree of the candidate of science in the field of law.

19741985 Occupies the leading positions in Uzbekistan. The Mayor of the Shakhrisabz city and the Head of the Samarkand region.

1981 His first paintings. The first exhibition of his paintings in Samarkand. .

1982 The novel The Red Bukhara was printed.

1983 The article There is a miracle in the Art and printing of his 10 painting were printed in the magazine The Art of Uzbekistan.

1984 Became the winner of the all union art competition The song of the year| held in Ostankino studio in Moscow.

1985 Has been elected the First Deputy Chairman of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan.

1986 Takes part in Republic exhibitionEsperanto.

1987 The novel Do not be afraid of the cobra was published. The 2 parts feature film The long echo in mountains was shown to the public.

19871988 His personal art exhibitions held in Tashkent, Moscow in the Central House of the Literature and in the capital of India the Delhi city. Was decorated with the order The Badge of Honor and the Golden Necklace of India.

19881989 The books The holly images of Turkestan, The legends and mysteries of Uzbekistan were published in Uzbekistan.

1991 The book The sketches about mystery was printed in Moscow in 100.000 issues, and the book The prognoses for the third century was published in Tashkent.

19911993 Years of his hermits life in the mountains of Pamir.

1994 The novel Tamerlane (Timurleng) the Great was published.

19942002 Pilgrimage to the holy places of Russia, Mongolia. Tibet, India, Sri-Lanka, The Holly Land (Israel 3 times), Mexico, Egypt, Italy, England and China.

20002002 The personal art exhibitions took places in Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Tyumen, Tomsk, Seversk. The books The changes of the planet and human, The cosmic consciousness and The mystery of initiation were printed in regional publishing houses.

20022003 The voyage by the icebreaker Academic Fedorov to Antarctic with the members of the 48th Russian Antarctic expedition.

2003 The book and the newsreel film What is the mystery of Antarctic were shown to the public.

2004 The book The new Jerusalem or obedience to the God was published.

2005 Ascent to the mountain of Adam in Sri-Lanka where he (Evgeny Berezikov) received from the Angel of Heavens The twelve commandments.

2006 The book devoted to a human-plasmoid (a human of the new generation) The Golden Book was published.

2007 Pilgrimage to the island of Gods in Japan. Creates the newsreel film.

2008 On 30th June of 2008 at the day of 100 years anniversary of the Tunguska phenomenon arrives with the members of the expedition to river Kamennaya Tunguska - the epicenter of the event.