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Artist: Evgeny Berezikov

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Painting and drawing
The rising Earth. 1987
  Russia: I am sincerely surprised by his
many-sided talent.
  Anatoly Karpov,
the World chess Champion.
  Germany: The Evgeny Berezikovs
painting is the new imagination in art.
  Gunter Valraf, the writer.
  India: Every painting of Berezikov is
the meditation.
  The President of academy of Urdys art
dr. Gopi Chang Narang.
Eternity. 1985
The cosmic vision of Evgeny Berezikov
       Evgeny Berezikov is known as a writer, a traveler, an enlightener and a gifted amateur painter. He has got a life which is rich in experience. He was born in Siberia in a family of a village teacher in 1935. During World War II after a dramatic departure with his parents he found himself in a house of orphans in the Soviet Uzbekistan. Farming in local villages, building of houses, working at a factory were his ways of life in postwar years. Later Evgeny Berezikov was
conscripted in the Soviet Army and served in East Germany as a tank driver. On leaving the army he returned to Uzbekistan and started to work as an excavator operator at a plant. Later Evgeny Berezikov took up an assignment for the Criminal Investigation Department where he worked for several years.
       In the Soviet Uzbekistan Evgeny Berezikov worked as a Young Communist League officer and a Communist Party local leader in towns of Shakhrisabz
and Samarkand. He was one of the leaders of the Uzbekistan Writers Union.
       Evgeny Berezikov is the author of many stories, novels, essays and ethnographical sketches on Central Asia. He wrote a historical novel The Red Bukhara about the revolution in Turkestan at the beginning of the XX century.
       He started to paint at the age of 45. His best works are a fantastic mixture of elements of art primitivism and oriental miniatures. They display simplicity of subjects and rich colours (The Black Apples, The Three Horses, The Sunny Man, The Flowers, The Fruit Vendour).
       Evgeny Berezikovs paintings may appear unusual to the audience. Anyone can argue and disagree with the artist, but his paintings do not leave spectators indifferent. After visiting Berezikovs exhibition people feel that they had a meeting with a genuine talent.
Flying at the parallel world. 2001
Thinking of eternity. 1985
The growing spirit. 1991
To drain the cup of life. 1982
The ascending spirit. 1989
    He opens the parallel worlds. 1991
Starting the life deep thoughts. 1985
Playing the violin. 1983
Listening to birds twitter. 1983
Passing by. 1996    The praying boy. 1991

       India. Delhi. Opening ceremony of the personal exhibition of the painter Evgeny Berezikov. The speech of the President of academy of Urdys art dr. Gopi Chang Narang. May 1988.
       In the central showroom of New Delhi from April, 8th till June, 26th, 1988 there passed a

personal exhibition of the painter Evgeny Berezikov. An exhibition for three months has visited more than fifty tho usand spectators. Responses and clauses of critics have been published in newspapers: National Herald, India, Statsman and Times of India

The Mother of all universes. 1990  The lady seller of fruits. 1982
The trinity of the eternal space. 2004 Marching to eternity. 1986 
The daughter of the Earth. 1986 She is proclaiming the summer. 2001.
Adam and Eve playing on the swing. 1981
Wounded by the flower. 1983
 My baby elephant. 1987 The reprint of Evgeny Berezikovs  painting on the 1st page of the cover of Murzilka magazine for children issue 12 of 1988. (Number of copies 5.400.000)
The reprint of Evgeny Berezikovs paintings on cover of Ogonek magazine issue of May 1987. (Number of copies 1.200.000)
The famous poet Bulat Okudjava visiting Evgeny
Berezikovs personal exhibition at CLH. 1987
The poet Andrey Voznesensky and Evgeny Berezikov.
The Central house of writers of the Writers union of the USSR. The 1st personal exhibition in Moscow. 1987 year.
Careless. 1982 Watching. 1981
Farewell to nature. 1983
The colored oxs walk. 1987
The unity of the boy with the dog. 1985
Vladimir Visotskys flower. 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev. He changed the destiny
of the World.
To Andrey Tarkovsky. This is not a dream. 1990
The ascent of the spirit. 1993 Sergy Radonejsky. The monk in solitude. 1982
The anchorite. Alone in the whole world.1987
The black apples. 1983 The ripe apples. 1985
The feet of the Prophet. 1986
The white giraffe. 1986 The big bird of happiness. 1982 
The lamas bringing good. 1988
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